Game Fall
Kyle Brown

Game FallFor the sake of hubris, let's cut to the chase... like she would. Every character is a complete myth and any similarities to you or your friends is just a distinguished gesture of the universe or as a Cathar should say {bonne grĂ¢ce-de dieu}, god's good grace. So much for suspense, fairy tales and all that parental camp-rule crap. This is straight Olympian... ambrosia at a make-up counter. If you've ever tried taking control, you can Attest to the Fact that we all want to get better at it... If we only knew how. This book is a way to see art and read a story that means everything to the people who helped create it. Although you wouldn't know who you were unless you were a sexy know-it-all like Alexa, or Ashley. So if it offends you... Yeah, good money. By the way, we need artists, we need marketers and we need actors. Upon reading this story and our blogs you will come to understand why this is so. A wave is only one.

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