Fried Windows And Other Unusual Mind Children From Elgon Williams
Elgon Williams

Fried Windows And Other Unusual Mind Children From Elgon Williams Some have called me the most random person they have ever met. Is there a worldwide competition for that? Where is it held and who decides the winner? IS it an annual thing? I don't know if I deserve that title but, yes, I can be random. I am a Panda, meaning I signed with Pandamoon Publishing. My first book for them, Fried Windows (In A Light White Sauce) is due out in the spring of 2014. My second book with them will be Becoming Thuperman, which is due out later in 2014 or early 2015. I have other books available on Amazon. com as well, including From The Inside and To The Closer which are second edition revisions of by first publication One Over X. Last year I published The Attributes, a two book series available on Kindle. My genres are all over the map, really but usually I write fantasy and sci-fi. There are usual some paranormal elements in most of my work, for example ghosts are characters and death doesn't necessarily exclude someone form returning in a later book. One of my characters has a pretty intense relationship with a past, deceased girlfriend. Yeah, I write stuff like that. Sometimes my writing is purely for fun, other things it is introspective and cerebral. I try to be apolitical but I do have strong opinions on things I feel are important. Don't expect me to back away from controversy. I don't hold grudges though because I have never expected to win every argument - just some. I'm originally from Ohio but I have lived a number of other places, mostly in the US but also in Asia. I have friends all over the world who owe me beers - but that's another story. I hold a degree in Mass Communication from Purdue University and another in Marketing Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. The Defense Language Institute awarded me a degree in Chinese Mandarin after a forty-seven week crash course that perhaps nudged my life a little further the whole random thing. Hope you enjoy what you read. Check back often and please leave comments.

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