Arthritis Life

Arthritis_LifeNot so long ago I was a very productive hardworking businessman. I did physical outdoor work and loved it. I might add that I was an active athlete who enjoyed being young physically and spiritually. It all came crashing down on me when at the age of 46, I developed a nasty case of osteoarthritis. Tried many things to alleviate my condition and find relief. Doctors told me that my arthritis could be managed but wouldn't get any better. I was in a very dark place for awhile. Well it did get better. I have found methods that have made my life significantly better, and I want to share these methods with others so that they can find relief and rejuvenation. I will be writing a Humpday Healing Blog on every Wednesday that will provide practical options for effective and sustainable relief from arthritis and other debilitating musculoskeletal conditions.

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